Do You and Your Business Partner Need Marriage Counseling?

Jessica Mah, CEO of InDinero, was at a cross roads with her co-founder as the business grew to 200 employees.  In the early days they split everything down the middle.  Egos grew as the business grew and they were disagreeing about how to divide the leadership roles.  Their friendly conversations turned into yelling matches.  Their partnership was at risk of a break up.  Until Jessica recommended they seek outside help, with a marriage counselor.  They worked through their core problems, learned constructive ways to communicate, and are now the best of partners.

Watch this video from to hear Jessica’s success story.

Research shows the magic relationship ratio for a happy relationship, in business and life, is 5:1.

Renowned marriage psychologist, John Gottman reports, in relationships that last, there are five times as many positives in relationships than negatives.  This also means if you do something to hurt your partner’s feeling, you need five times as many positive interactions to make up for that one, negative hurtful interaction.

Positives include showing interest, asking questions, being kind empathetic.  Negatives include criticism, anger, hostility, and hurt feelings.

Reflection Question:

  • How often do you compliment or acknowledge your team, partners, and staff?
  • How often do you snap, criticize or blame?
  • What is one thing can you do be more positive than negative?

Leadership Lesson:

  • Maintain the Magic Relationship Ratio.
  • When there are challenges, you don’t have to figure it all out yourself, according to Jessica Mah.  Seek outside counsel from a coach or other respected advisor to reduce conflict and maintain positive relations with your partner(s).

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