Anxiety expert and peak performance coach, Kiomi Moore shares 4 tips to take the stress out of preparing tax returns!  

Watch this video to learn more.

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Step 1: Breathe to relieve

Take 3 slow deep breaths to reduce the flight/flight/freeze response. This activates the relaxation response. It clears the mind, reduces tension and makes it easier to put our situation in perspective. This can improve your outlook within 2-25 seconds!

Step 2: Pivot your perspective.

Pivot your perspective, from seeing the IRS, taxes, or finances as threating or negative, to manageable and an opportunity. This is an aspect of positive psychology, realistic optimism. This increases focus, creativity, promotes problem solving and productivity!

Step 3: See it to solve it

Now we can see our financial situation more clearly and objectively. Our creative mind is activated and we can create viable solutions and strategies.

Step 4: Visualize to maximize

Visualization enhances and strengthens the solutions and strategies. Imagine handling all your tax related tasks well, especially the difficult ones. Athletes and police officers visualize the most intense situations, in addition to train similated situations.  do this to be well prepared for the most intense situations and maintain confidence, clear thinking and energy!


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