PODCAST: Increase Sales Confidence with Barry Watson.

Barry Watson is the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of Sell With Confidence.   He is an international sales trainer and high performance coach.  He has coached thousands of people throughout the USA as a national trainer, and became the #1 sales rep in two different companies.

As the founder and CEO of Sales Sensation,  Barry provides individual and corporate high performance sales coaching.

In this power packed podcast, Barry reveals how to:

  • Become more resilent and bounce back from rejection and failuresell-with-confidence-Barry-Watson
  • Be your awesome, authentic self
  • Embrace difficult learning curves and enjoy the journey
  • Deal with naysayers and challenges
  • Renew passion
  • Use self talk to increase confidence
  • Rewrite your mental and emotional scripts using the power of visualization
  • Ask for support and learn from others, there is “no such thing a solo success.”
  • Stay empowered during economic downturns
  • Boost confidence during the worst of times

Audio Podcast:

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