Learn How to Reduce Stress and Stay Cool Under Pressure.

How to reduce stressFeeling nervous is normal, yet many of us judge ourselves for feeling nervous or anxious.  As a result we avoid situations that trigger anxiety.  Unfortunately these ways of responding to anxiety and stress prevent us from reaching our goals.

Today’s podcast you will learn a 2 step process to reduce stress:

  1. Accept and normalize your anxiety. What we resist persists. What we accept we can deflect.
  2. Learn how to relax the mind and body. Practice one of the four relaxation techniques daily to reduce anxiety.

PODCAST:  Learn how to reduce stress in high pressure situations  11:19 mins

Stress Management Aids

Stress balls can be a great way to practice some progressive muscle relaxation.  Hold onto a ball, tense the hand, feel the tension, then relax the hand. Repeat a few times while practicing slow deep breathing.

Isoflex Stress Ball

Rhode Island Novelty Assorted Squeeze Ball, 25-Piece

These anti-stress pillows are fantastic!  If you have tension in your neck or shoulders, heat one in the microwave and it provides fast relief.

Earth Therapeutics: Anti-Stress Microwavable Neck Pillow

This podcast contains information from the book, The Achievement Zone.

 The Achievement Zone: An Eight-step Guide to Peak Performance by Shane Murphy, Ph.D.

“The chief sports psychologist for the United States Olympic Committee from 1987 to 1994 presents eight simple steps that readers can use to improve their lives: focus, concentrate, energize, be consistent, stay calm, think like a winner, keep emotions in check, and think creatively.”


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