PODCAST:  Special Guest, Edward S. Chang

“Be Like Water.  Water doesn’t stop, it keeps on going.” – Edward Chang

Edward Chang is an excellent example of a reslient entrepreneur.  He’s overcome his many challenges – child abuse, depression, isolation, and difficulty learning.  It wasn’t until college he realized he was a gifted learner, which was a turning point in his life. It changed his perception of himself and what was possible.  Today he works as a coach helping other entrepreneurs develop a success mindset and inspire others with his message.



 Today’s podcast Edward Chang shares: 

  • How compassion and self awareness fuels change
  • 3 States of existence, the corresponding obstacles, and how to overcome them.
  • How he tripled the number of clients at one of his first jobs.
  • How the clients he coached were paid double the industry norm.
  • The challenge of living in two different cultures. Eastern and Western, and thrive.
  • His transformative gratitude practice

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