Welcome to Day 34

Today’s Coaching Session focuses on:

  • How to create unconscious cues to trigger goals, positivity and enhance mental toughness.
  • 2 studies that demonstrate the power of unconscious cues.
  • Source: the book, Succeed by Heidi Grant Halvorson

Here is today’s podcast.  The transcript is at the end of this page.  Enjoy!

PODCAST: Make your unconscious mind work for you  08:21

Watch this video by Amy Cuddy, her TED talk about power poses.


  1. Post images, signs, messages of encouragement, success, empowerment!
  2. If you think the thought, “I can’t…” replace it with, ” I choose not to…” or “I can because…”
  3. Monitor your posture, if you are slouching, straighten your back, shoulders and head.
  4. Monitor your breathing, if it is shallow, take deep, slower breaths.
  5. Smile or think of a funny movie for 25 seconds to boost your mood.
  6. Continue to implement a behavior to increase your physical energy – food, water, deep breathing or exercise. Make the behavior specific, small and manageable.
  7. If this seems like too much, pick one of the five to do.  It’s better to build one habit at a time, and focus on that one habit  for 1-2 weeks.  Once that habit is encoded, add on a second behavior.  This creates sustainable new habits.  Listen to Day 1 podcast as a reminder of the Zorro circle of mastery.

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Continuing to implement Toughness Training for Life strategies.


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Hello and good day. This is Coach Kiomi, your MasterMind Coach. Today is day 34 of the Peak Performance For Life Program where you are learning to master your mind, to master your world. You can probably finish that sentence now after hearing it for a while. Conditioning, right? Neurons that fire together wire together. The more you say something, the more it gets wired in. I hope you’ve been monitoring your thoughts from a place of awareness rather than judgment and criticism, and simply choosing, for example, rather than saying I can’t do something, saying I chose not to, or I can and will because. Yesterday, we talked about emotions and being able to be present to your emotions, and that all emotions are just energy in motion. And we can actually develop more mental emotional toughness by being more attentive, and even softer to our negative emotions, those vulnerable emotions of fear, guilt, anxiety, sadness. Be inquisitive to those emotions, create space for them, and your world will open up. When we close our emotions down in one area, if it’s guilt or sadness, we are actually closing down being unable to access joy and happiness. Let it flow.

Today’s podcast, I am going to be talking about a couple of tips on how to make your unconscious mind work for you. How nice is that? Today’s topic is going to come from Chapter Two of the book “Succeed” by Heidi Grant Halverson. I’d like you to think for a moment regarding how many unconscious food decisions you make in a day. What would be your guess? Maybe 14 is the average that most people guess. You actually make about 227 unconscious food decisions a day. It’s pretty mind-boggling, thank goodness you’re not consciously aware of it because you wouldn’t have much energy to make any other decisions. The conscious mind is surprisingly limited. It can roughly hold the contents of a post-it note, and I’m talking about one of the not teeny-tiny ones, but average size ones whereas the unconscious mind can hold information equivalent to the NASA super, super computer. To be able to harness the power of your unconscious mind to support you in your goals, and boosting positivity which then boosts your sense of mental toughness and ability to handle whatever comes your way, let me start by sharing a little study with you.

Psychologists John Bargh and Peter Gollwitzer asked some participants to play a game. Before they start of the game, the participants were asked to construct sentences out of a jumble of words that included helpful, support, cooperative, fair, and share. Remarkably, by simply reading these words, they seemed to trigger unconsciously the goal to cooperate. Then the participants went into their game and the ones who were cued unconsciously with these words returned 25% more fish than the people who had not been exposed to the cooperation triggering words. In fact, the same number of fish as the people who were given an explicit conscious goal being cooperative, in fact, they returned the same number of fish as the number of people who were given the explicit conscious goal of being cooperative. So think about that for a moment, that consciously and intentionally choosing a goal can give you the same results as a completely unconsciously triggered goal. A revolutionary discovery in this science and motivation.

Another study where the same researchers had students work on a Scrabble-like puzzle, making words out of letters randomly placed together. Each student worked in the puzzle room alone, and there’s an intercom, and unbeknownst to them, a video camera. After two minutes, a voice came over the intercom commanding the student to stop working on the puzzle, but before beginning the puzzle, half of the students have been asked to work on another puzzle which was a word search containing words related to the goal of achievement such as win, succeed, strive, master, and achieve. The researchers found that 57% of the students who had the achievement goal unconsciously triggered continued to work on their Scrabble puzzle even after the voice on the intercom told them to clearly stop. So you know those motivational posters where you see the words teamwork or determination or succeed, or those images where someone’s standing on a mountain top with their arms stretched out reaching for the sky, by the way, that is a power pose. Watch that video I have on Amy Cuddy. I did a podcast on Power Poses, and if you hold a position like that for two minutes, that will boost your testosterone which is that dominating hormone which gives you that greater sense of power and strength. Whereas if you think about it, would you really want a poster on your wall that said “Powerless” and has someone sitting scrunched up looking afraid and timid?

When I was walking to my office the last two days, there is a magazine, it was Newsweek or something like that, and on the cover, it said “Powerless”. Now, I saw it the first day when I walked in and I just thought, “I wonder what that’s about?” But when I saw it today, I was like, “That’s not the most positive word I really want to see the minute I walk in my office door.” And so I flipped it around and I put another magazine on top so that wasn’t the thing that I looked at the minute I arrived. The really wonderful thing is you don’t necessarily need to read the goal words to unconsciously trigger the goals or those feelings. If you just have words, positive words, positive signs around you, that can trigger positive feelings. Walking by a plate of fruit or vegetables can trigger a goal of eating healthy. Walking by a gym and seeing people working out can trigger the goal of wanting to go workout. So how you can imply this in your life? I remember a story, I can’t remember where it was from. It might have been Jack Canfield’s “Success Principles” but there was a man who was an athlete going for a gold medal, and he put gold colored dots all around his house so that every time he saw that gold dot, it symbolized and triggered his goal of wanting to win a gold medal.

So what you can do to use your unconscious mind to your advantage, because your conscious mind is very, very limited. Put around yourself some images that are inspiring, that are calming, that are peaceful, that the minute that you look at them make you feel good, make you feel happy. And even when you’re not consciously looking at them, they will affect your mood and your energy. Do the same thing in your home. Surround yourself with words, images, statements, affirmations, whatever it may be so your unconscious mind can be busy picking up on all that wonderful energy, and all of those wonderful thoughts while your conscious mind is busy doing other things. Have yourself a wonderful day. Take some moments to breathe slow and deep, take in the beautiful scenery, and I look forward to talking with you tomorrow.

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