Welcome to Day 30

Today’s Coaching Session focuses on:

  • How to manage your spiritual energy to increase purpose, meaning and inspiration.
  • Case study of Gary, a finance executive who coached kids basketball and renewed his sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Here is today’s podcast.  Enjoy!

PODCAST: Managing spiritual energy   08:28

Watch this video about Christopher Reeves and how he found meaning and significance after a life threatening accident.


  1. Continue to implement a behavior to increase your physical energy – food, water, deep breathing or exercise. Make the behavior specific, small and manageable.
  2. Practice slow deep breathing, counting from 1-10 at least 2 times a day.
  3. Take time to rest your mind, mental energy, by meditating for 5 mins or doing something fun, relaxing or creative for 5-15 mins.
  4. Increase your spiritual energy by identifying a core value and taking at least one action this weekend in alignment with that value.
  5. If this seems like too much, pick one of the four to do.  It’s better to build one habit at a time, and focus on that one habit  for 1-2 weeks.  Once that habit is encoded, add on a second behavior.  This creates sustainable new habits.  Listen to Day 1 podcast as a reminder of the Zorro circle of mastery.

Pick any one or two of the following recordings to listen to or listen to the Day associated with the exercise to reinforce the value and relevance of these peak performance skills.  I have added a link to the coaching Day associated with training exercise.

Sneak Preview  for Monday

  • Developing mental toughness, continuing to build mental and emotional resilience.


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