Welcome to Day 27

Today’s Coaching Session focuses on:

  • How to manage your physical energy.
  • The 4 sources of physical energy are food, water, breathing and exercise.
  • Reflect and see what source of energy you would like to improve upon.

Here is today’s podcast.  Enjoy!

PODCAST: Managing physical energy   5:33


  • Pick one of the sources of energy you would like to improve – food, water, breathing or exercise.  Identify one action you can do in that area that is best for you.
  • Practice slow deep breathing, counting from 1-10 at least 2 times a day.
  • Listen to the interval training podcast from Day 3, how to boost your energy in 25 seconds or less.

Pick any one or two of the following recordings to listen to today.  These brief exercises are part of your peak performance training.  You can also go back to that day’s podcast for a detailed explanation of the value of that exercise.  Here is a link to all past podcasts.

Sneak Preview  for Tomorrow

  • More practice implementing energy management strategies.

Here is a video from peak performance psychologist

The way we are working isn’t working by Tony Schwartz, a TED Talk   17 mins


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