Welcome to Day 1

Today’s coaching lesson focuses on:

  1. Stepping into the Zorro Circle of Mastery to achieve your goals.
  2. Learn 6 benefits of priming your mind for positivity.
  3. Learn 1 calming refocusing technique
  4. Learn your first strategy for priming your mind for positivity.
  5. Receive your first homework assignment

Here is your first Podcast.  Enjoy!

PODCAST:  Peak Performance For Life (PPFL) Day 1  18:47

It’s a little over 15 minutes, there were a few gems I didn’t want to leave out!  Split it up into two sessions if that’s easier, 10 mins this morning and 8 minutes at lunch. The next podcasts will be 5-15 minutes and any bonus information will be shared at the end.

IMPORTANT addition to the homework: Make sure the behavior you chose is one that you feel excited and positive about.  If it seems hard or like a have to, chose something different that gives you energy and excitement.

Facebook group update 2/5/14:  The private group is now closed but you can still enjoy inspirational and motivational posts on my Facebook page.

Sneak Preview of Tomorrow

  • Learn the single most effective thing you can do to increase your chances of completing a goal.
  • Understand how you can strengthen your self-control muscle, and times of the day it is strongest and weakest.
  • Understand the value of energy management to increase energy and reduce stress, fatigue and burnout.


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