PODCAST: Cultivating Compassion with Amy Colvin

amy-colvin-compassionAmy Colvin is a compassion expert and meditation instructor.  She has studied compassionate meditation since 1996.  She became a massage therapist at Google in 2005. During that time she observed self-compassion was in short supply.  Having gone through her own challenges with stress, anxiety and depression, she was inspired to help others cultivate acceptance and compassion.  She is the author of, Culticultivating-compassion-bookvating Compassion: Simple Everyday Practices for Discovering Peace of Mind and Resilience.

Visit Amy Colvin’s website, CompassionateBalance.com for more information, workshops, and coaching.

During this informative podcast Amy shares:

  • 4:40 minutes – How to stay open and compassionate when someone responds to us with an “unskillful behavior.”
  • 11:14  How to stay open hearted and connected in challenging situations.
  • 12:08 The Stanford Compassion Program’s definition of compassion – 1) awareness of someone else’s distress, 2) being emotionally moved, and 3) taking action.
  • 14:23 Techniques to become more self aware
  • 15:44 The value of breathwork.
  • 18:00 Understanding compassion is trainable and learnable.
  • 21:14 Why being emotionally moved matters.  The benefits to self and others.
  • 23:25 Recognizing our interconnectedness and how it supports well being.
  • 24:21  How feeling vulnerable can be a barrier to compassion, and how to overcome it.
  • 25:33 Why compassion increases energy and resilience.
  • 28:55  Compassion and acceptance can help us bounce back from mistakes, faster.
  • 30:39 Overcoming the fear that compassion may make me a slacker.
  • 35:00  How compassion decreases tension
  • 36:20 Compassion fatigue and how self compassion helps reduce and prevent this.
  • 39:21 What to do when you think someone does not deserve compassion.
  • 42:15 What is imposture syndrome
  • 50:15 Having faith following her heart and not giving into her anxiety. Great story of changing jobs, pursuing her bliss.

Visit Amy Colvin’s website, CompassionateBalance.com for more information, workshops, and coaching.

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