Get Ready To Rock The Stage!

Maximize Your Public Speaking Success. Master The Art Of Public Speaking.

Captivate your audience, exude the power of persuasion, and create compelling content. Improve your communication and presentation skills so you feel alive and energized in front of any audience.

Working with Coach Kiomi you will learn:

  • Effective methods to prepare and practice your presentation.
  • Techniques to create and maintain a rapport with your audience.
  • Writing skills to produce creative and compelling content.
  • Relaxation training to calm the mind and body to reduce performance anxiety.
  • Peak performance techniques find your unique voice and stage presence.
  • Structure to create visuals and produce engaging storytelling.
  • Exercises to improve nonverbal communication such as facial expressions, eye contact, posture, and hand gestures.
  • Training to deal with unexpected interruptions, objections, and breakdowns with technology.
  • Strategies to manage Q&A, panel discussions, media interviews and other follow up engagements.

An effective public speaker embodies the skills of a great performer similar to professional athletes and performing artists.  Whether you want to rock the stage or sports arena, you have the same goals:

  1. Project a strong, confident presence.
  2. Respond quickly, effectively and intuitively to external cues (questions or objections).
  3. Maintain a clear mind and awareness of your environment while executing actions or words with precision and impact.

Coach Kiomi’s unique skill set – knowledge of performance psychology, emotional intelligence and other critical skills, provides all the tools and training needed for you to become a more dynamic presenter and public speaker.  She brings her experience with “corporate athletes” and competitive athletes into each session to teach valuable skills to clear your mind, strengthen your presence, and deliver your message with confidence and finesse.

Discover these powerful techniques to become a more dynamic public speaker.

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I felt prepared and organized for my upcoming keynote speech. I’ve presented for years but this presentation was one of my biggest yet. Afterwards I had no regrets. I was natural, comfortable and engaging. Your coaching was excellent.
Joan S., Healthcare Consultant
Kiomi was great to work with, she put me at ease instantly. The breathing and refocusing techniques were very effective. I spoke at the leadership conference…incredible. I felt completely confident with a clear strong voice, the audience was laughing. I nailed it!
Alex S., Business Development Executive
I’m so pleased that I wanted to share this with you — I just finished a presentation and it went very well. I was nervous on and off beforehand, but kept re-focusing on the message, made a couple of jokes, got up and moved around to point to my slides…ultimately it was actually fun. Thank you for the great guidance, it has clearly worked.
Erica C, Marketing Consultant
Kiomi is the first coach I have worked with, and what a difference it has made. Public speaking is an ongoing part of my business. I speak in front of 30-500 people. I no longer fear appearing in front of large audiences or televised events. She has helped me with a number of business and personal concerns including crafting and organizing my speech, preparing for the Q&A section and dealing with negative people in the audience. Her positive and nonjudgmental approach makes it easy to open up. I highly recommend working with her.
Mark J, Entrepreneur
Fear of public speaking was holding me back from growing professionally, so I sought out Kiomi to get assistance. She helped me dissolve the feelings of fear and anxiety that kept me from stepping up to the microphone. After four or five sessions, I was able to speak to a large group without losing my train of thought. Kiomi is a skilled public speaking coach.
Warren M., Hospitality Manager
Your sessions provided a wealth of information that I have worked into several presentations and trainings. The feedback has been outstanding and my ease and confidence in speaking has made work more enjoyable. Thanks!
Tom J., Program Officer

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