As a Business and Executive Coach, I can help you understand how your thoughts, behaviors and perspectives impact your business success.

As a result of business coaching, you can increase positivity, profitability and emotional resilience, growing your company and enjoying a more rewarding career.  You will discover how to enhance your strengths and transform weaknesses to produce measurable and sustainable outcomes, propelling your business and career.

I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, managers and executives, as well as performing artists, writers, and other creative professionals.

Three areas of business coaching include:

1. Managing Yourself:

  • Amplifying strengths
  • Changing negative thoughts and self-perceptions
  • Being more proactive and less reactive
  • Increasing risk tolerance
  • Maximizing focus, motivation, and execution
  • Asserting yourself in difficult situations
  • “Turning off” work when you are relaxing
  • Effectively promoting yourself and your business
  • Boosting confidence while networking, acquiring clients, and public speaking

2. Managing Others:

  • Engaging, motivating, and retaining skilled workers
  • Implementing discipline and corrective actions
  • Embracing conflict and constructively resolving disputes
  • Coaching and mentoring employees
  • Anticipating, recognizing, and attending to customer needs

3. Leadership Development

  • Cultivating conceptual, strategic, and innovative thinking
  • Initiating and implementing change with finesse
  • Developing trusted influence
  • Effectively responding to, and resolving, crises
  • Navigating internal and external politics
  • Widening networks and perspective

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I first sought coaching to improve my public speaking skills. It didn’t take long to see there were other areas I could address too. I see Kiomi regularly for guidance dealing with employees, managing my health, continuing to improve my speaking skills and resolving conflicts among staff. There have been countless ah-ha moments I would have never discovered without her coaching.
Joe N., Entrepreneur & CEO