PODCAST:  Special Guest, Bradley Vickers.

Bradley Vickers obtained a Guinness World Record as part of the first crew to complete the first landfall-to-landfall row across the North Atlantic.

They rowed out of New York past the statue of liberty and continued on for 71 days until they reached the shores of England.

During this epic crossing, the crew endured tropical storms, shark encounters, food rationing, and the challenge of sharing a 29’x6′ boat with 4 people for 2 months.

Bradley believes that principles of expedition leadership can be applied in achieving any venture you pursue.

He currently resides in Santa Barbara where he is a writer, speaker and event producer.  He recently embarked on the ultimate adventure of a lifetime -parenthood.

See below for VIDEO Podcast Highlights with time stamps:

06.6 minutes How to pick your teammates. It’s more than just technical skills, it’s the interpersonal skills.

09:00 Skills to deal effectively challenges – isolation, anger, and monotony, sleep deprivation

14.30  How to table the ego when your teammates disagree

15.80  Lessons learned about food rationing and making hard decisions

18.70  Creative cure for montony

20.10 How to recover from a major mistake

25.40  How to deal with the unexpected – sharks, tropical storms

29.70  The value of humor and play to offset stress

30.2  Mini celebrations to boost motivation

32.5 Leadership lessons – How responsibility is more important than title

Releasing the ego faciliates communication, enables you to accurately and honestly assess what is happening, and ask for help

36.7  The unexpected magic of please and thank you

39.8  Must be flexible and adapatable.  The goal stays the same, but the plan must be adaptable

41.2  Main lessons – how you respond to setbacks are character defining and success defining

42.2 BONUS: The journey of parenthood and how these skills apply

Audio Podcast

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