PODCAST:  Special Guest, Bill Sklodowski

Bill Sklodowski has over 20 years experience in radio, TV broadcasting as news anchor, reporter, commercial announcer; and voice talent.  He is a winner of Multiple Associated Press Broadcast Journalism awards for news coverage of live events, breaking news, political coverage.

Bill provides sales training for network marketing.  He is an instructor for voice talent and news reporting for private-school Broadcasting program, and voice narrator for multiple Amazon Kindle audio book projects.

 In Today’s podcast, Bill Sklodowski discusses:

  • The power of storytelling and why humans are hardwired to remember stories
  • The art of the sound bite
  • Power packed xamples of 1-3 minute stories to boost sales
  • How to be recognized as expert in your field during media interviews
  • Emotional hooks and how to use them
  • How to train your voice
  • How to recover from mistakes during a live interview
  • How to use teleprompters
  • How to practice facial expressions and gestures
  • How to get more media exposure
  • Bonus:  Four step formula for a compelling sales video

FREE TIP SHEET on how to be the go to subject matter expert for local media outlets, at www.BillSklodowski.com/radio.

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